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Frequently Asked Questions



Do I need any experience to ride?


No. All of the horses at Kay's Acres are professionally trained and beginner friendly. Most of our riders have little or no riding experience. The horses know their jobs well and always enjoy taking first time riders. Also, the rides are walk only for the safety of horse and rider. 


How many horses can I book for a trail ride?


We can take up to 8 "rental" horses along with a guide. For larger parties we are required to go out in separate groups to abide by Virginia state law.


How long are the trail rides?


The entire experience is usually an hour and a half - two hours. This includes interactions with horses upon arrival, an arena orientation and safety brief, as well as visiting with our petting zoo animals. If you are late and there are others scheduled at the same riding time, unfortunately we cannot wait for your group to arrive.



What should I wear?


We recommend long pants and closed toed shoes.


Can we run the horses?


No. Under no circumstances may the horses be run. Not only is it dangerous to the horse, but also the riders around you. For your safety, riders found to intentionally run their horse will be asked to dismount and return to the barn. 


What’s is the weight limit?


Our weight limit is 300 LBS. We do understand that taller individuals sometimes weigh more than that, therefore we try to be as flexible as possible. Factors considered include ground condition, workload for the animal, and terrain ridden. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns regarding the weight limit.


Can I ride double on the trails?


Children must be four years old or under AND be able to fit comfortably IN the saddle with the adult. We will make exceptions for five year olds under fifty pounds. Generally, the adult needs to weigh around 165 LBS or less, with their height proportional to their weight in order for the children to have enough room. Not all of the horses are accepting of double riders. So,  if you will have little ones in your group riding tandem, make sure to call further ahead of your desired riding date for your reservation. This way we can be sure to have our "double horses" available.


Do I need reservations?


Yes. Reservations are paid for and booked in advance for all Kay's Acres services.


What payment methods do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards to hold your reservation. 


What if the weather is bad?


If we end up having poor weather during the time you are scheduled to ride we will either wait it out or try very hard to reschedule. A lot of times it is just a passing shower and we can still get out on the trail... just a few minutes behind schedule. Also, if you have reservations PLAN ON COMING unless we call you. We will ALWAYS let you know if we will need to cancel due to bad weather. If you don't hear from us then you should still plan on being there for your ride. If we cancel because of weather, we will simply reschedule your ride or event for a later date.


What is your cancellation policy?

 For birthday parties, we require a NON-REFUNDABLE 50% retainer to reserve your date and time. Remaining balances are due prior to arrival to Kay’s Acres, LLC. 

All trail rides must be paid in full at time of booking and are non-refundable without exception.
Trail rides are transferable to friends or family when scheduled  48 hours prior to appointment . Cancellations or transfer requests within 48 hours of ride time are subject to rescheduling fee. 

In the event of cancellation on behalf of Kay's Acres, LLC due to unsafe riding conditions, inclement weather, or emergency care required to one of our animals, payment will be retained and applied to our next availability for up to 60 days.  In the event of a no-show, payment will be retained by Kay’s Acres, LLC. 


Is there a guide?

We always send out an experienced friendly guide with our groups.


Can we take pictures?


Yes, we invite you to take as many pictures as you would like in our petting zoo and western town area. We ask that while on your horse, your hands and attention are available for your ride. If you wish to have pictures on the trail you may purchase a photopack of 7-10 photos for $20. Your guide will take pictures throughout your ride with their latest-model mobile device. Photos will be available at the completion of your ride. 


Can we bring treats?


No food is permitted to be fed to our animals. However, treats such as carrots are available for purchase on the farm. This allows us to safely monitor quality and quantity of our animals' food intake.


Is it customary to tip our guide?

Yes, gratuities are welcome and appreciated.

What is the youngest age that can ride? 

We can accommodate riders as young as two years old on a tandem ride. Rates are charged per rider, not per horse. There is an additional $5 fee for all riders under the age of 16 due to an increase in liability. 

Do you have restrooms?

January-March restroom facilities are unavailable due to winterizing.  Royal Farms on Holland Rd. provides as an excellent pitstop for restroom use as well as enjoying your favorite snack here on the farm.  Picnic tables on our farm are available throughout the entire year.

I require mobility assistance.  Can I ride?

Kay's Acres does accommodate rides for customers requiring additional mobility assistance and are able; however, please note that we do not have available any special equipment, thus the rider would need to support most of their own weight by remaining somewhat balanced in the saddle.  If that can be achieved, we would then implement the use of side walkers at the discretion of our safety team.  We also highly recommend clearing activities such as horseback riding with your health care provider.

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