Horseback Riding Lessons

Beginning with the absolute fundamentals of horsemanship begins with absolute step one:



Where should I stand, or where shouldn't I? Confined space (stall) safety. Reading body language, situational awareness, the approach of other horses during ground handling, feeding safety,and "stampede" safety i.e. planning your escape and always having an "out" should a situation get hairy. Once compedance in this area is displayed, we will retrieve a horse and put our skills to the test. 

 Retrieving the horse from the pasture: 

As we know, horses are herd animals thus removing one from its pasture mates can be seemingly unnatural. This is overcome by learning how we allow these magnificent animals to accept us, the riders, as part of their herd.

Back in the barn:

We will examine the horse from head to hoof covering basic anatomy while grooming the horse in preparation for the ride. Once the horse is ready we will review the proper application of tacks, such as bridling the horse and proper placement of saddle & pads. During this very important bonding process, the rider will learn about these tools, how they are used, and proper care for this important equipment.


Once tacked:

 Rider(s) and instructor(s) will transition into a contained riding arena. There you will learn ground handling,  correct seat position, and how to properly hold the reins to steer in conjunction with leg pressure and posture. 


The job is not over at the conclusion of the ride. After dismounting rider will learn proper care for the horse, gear, and themselves as riding horses may activate the use of muscles not recently visited. 


Single private one-hour lessons are only $55


Packages of five lessons are discounted to $50 per lesson


Packages of 10 lessons are discounted to $48 per lesson


30-minute lessons are available for children under 13 years old. 

Opening an equine facility has been a lifelong dream of Joe’s that started at a young age when his Mother surprised him with riding lessons at Lakeside Riding Academy on his twelfth birthday (now known as The New York Equestrian).  That birthday present was the pivotal point in Joe’s life that led to him volunteer as a barn hand and evolved into him being hired to pull and push trail rides and host farm parties. Through the equine network Joe was introduced to a place called Horseability (HA) in Melville NY, which is a Therapeutic Riding, Hippotherapy, Equine Facilitated Therapy and Summer Day Camp catering to individuals with Special Needs. He began volunteering there in 2001 year round where he managed groups of special need children. Through HA Joe was hired as a camp counselor at another on-site facility called Thomas School for Horsemanship...Fast forward...Joe joins the United States Navy and gets stationed in Jacksonville Florida, then Kaneohe Hawaiii. He continued to volunteer at therapeutic riding facilities along the way.





After a PCS (change of station) from a studio apartment in Hawaii, Joe decided to find a place with a little more space. With a knowledge of the equine industry and chance to be stationed in VA, Joe knew just the move to make. By searching listings with keyword "horses" he found his soon-to-be home with a disheveled barn. Bowling ball sized holes flared rays of sunlight to the barns floor. There was no fencing, pathways or walkways. The arena was collapsed and rotting building material littered the property.  Moving from a studio apartment, Joe did not even own a rake. A shovel. A garden hose. Or a single animal.  He started from absolute step one. One bite at a time. Starting his day on Norfolk Naval station at 5:00am, arriving home 12 hours later to build the Kay's Acres we all know and love today. One thing Joe might saw as a setback during the creation of Kay's Acres was the close proximity of the abandoned house next door. He would jokingly say, "I'm gonna buy that house," knowing he was not in any position to make such a bold move; especially after taking on so much. Three months later Joe purchased the house next door.  "I'm thankful everyday," he humbly says. "To be able to see something not for what is, but for what they can become, and accept nothing less." 

While building his website, Joe asked to give thanks to the following:


Kayden Blackman, Karen & John Musicaro, Kevin Kane, Regina Musicaro, Ciera Musicaro, Samantha Russell, Jean & Greg Williams, Norman Chun, Lisa Winn, Dorsey Ficklin, Jennifer Miodowski, Bryttany Pfohl, Lisa Clark, Norah Wilson, Kelly Harington, Leslie Benson, Joshua Coleman, Neil & Mindy Abbruzzese, and his brother,

Bill Smith. 



* 1/2 cost, non-refundable deposit per rider will he collected upon booking. The remaining balance will be due at the conclusion of your ride. 

In the event of unsafe riding conditions or cancellation on behalf of Kay’s Acres, LLC, deposit will he retained and applied to next scheduled  availability for up to 90 days. Cancellations per customer request to reschedule, customers apply initial deposit within 30 days. $10 rebooking fee applies. In the event of a no-show, full deposit will be retained by Kay’s Acres, LLC.

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