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Kayden (Kay) is the heart and soul of Kay’s Acres.  While brainstorming a name to embody all of the joy and beauty his facility has to offer, Joe (Kay's Acres Owner & Founder) had decided to dedicate the name to Kay who fills his life with that joy, beauty and so much more. Kayden graced the world with her presence April 27, 2010. There were no prior indications that she would live with special needs. It wasn't until she began to miss milestones of children her age that there were some suspicions. Right before her first birthday Kay was diagnosed with Developmental Delay. In 2015 she was also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kay is nonverbal but continues to communicate in her own way and is working very hard towards learning American Sign Language.  Joe created a safe place for Kayden to play, grow and express herself through the healing companionship of horses. Joe continues  with his promise to Kayden and continues to carryout the mission of Kay's Acres. 


With Kayden as his inspiration, Joe would like to open his facility to special needs families in any achievable capacity.  For more information please contact us.

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